Who can attend the CICs?

Who can attend?
Undergraduate and limited graduate students from the consortium schools listed on the right (check with your college for eligibility, as some large universities have individual member colleges).

What if I do not attend an eligible college?
The CIC events are funded in part by college member dues, and are not open to the public. Unfortunately we cannot allow students from non-member schools to attend the events.

Are there certain majors that should or should not attend?
The CICs in general are most appropriate for liberal arts and sciences students. Each event has a different “personality” and type of employers that attend, so we encourage you to check the list of participating employers frequently.

In general, the events are not targeted to technical candidates, and there are not typically engineering or programming positions available. That said, some employers may have other positions within their company, and we always encourage students to talk to employers about their hiring needs.