Applying for Interviews

How do I apply for interviews??

Step 1: Access/Create your Handshake account and complete your full profile.

Step 2: Register for the event(s) you will be attending (click Events on left-side nav bar).

Step 3: Upload a resume, cover letter, and other required documents!

Step 4: Search for postings. Once you’ve uploaded a resume, you can search for specific positions using a keyword search for each event (NYC CIC, Boston CIC, DC CIC). You can also search by interview schedules, and then apply for the attached jobs.

Step 5: Apply for Positions! At the top left of the job description is a blue button marked “Apply.” Clicking this button will either allow you to select from existing documents or upload new ones. Once uploaded documents are selected, your application will be submitted and you can track your application status under the “Applications” tab at the top of the homepage. Applying for positions will connect your resume and other required documents to the position for the employer to review.


What if I can’t attend an event, but want to apply to a job/internship in that city?
The CIC application system is only for those students who can and are intending to attend the events IN PERSON. If you are unable to attend an event, YOU MAY NOT APPLY FOR INTERVIEWS! Instead, we encourage you to contact your career center after the events have taken place and request a copy of the employer directory for that event. You can also research other ways to connect with employers via their websites.

Exception – If you are a USC student, you are still allowed to apply to positions at the NYC and DC events, even though your classes will be back in session for those events. We will be informing employers of your status in our communication with them, and they will be encouraged to reach out to you directly to make alternate arrangements if interested in speaking with you.

What if I want to apply, but am not sure which city I will end up going to? What if I want to make that decision based on how many interviews I’m accepted for?
Many students will apply to positions for multiple CIC events. We ask that you do this IN GOOD FAITH. Please do not apply for positions at events there’s no chance you can go to. However, if you apply to positions in both NYC and DC, and then make a decision later to travel to just one of the cities, you will just need to decline the interviews in the other city, and cancel your registration for the event. Please note that many students each year attend multiple events!

After I applied for a job on the CIC system, my browser took me to the employer’s website to apply online as well. Does this have to be done by the CIC deadline too?
It depends, and should state any deadlines for the employer system application in the job posting. The CIC deadline is for you to submit your resume through the CIC system to be considered for interviews. You may need to apply online through the employer’s website, but unless otherwise indicated this can be done after the CIC deadline.

We recommend you save the link you are taken to so you can find it again later, and that you complete this additional step by the end of the first week of December.
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