Preparing for Events

Be ready to get the most from your CIC experience!

It’s important to look your best and feel prepared to communicate your story, skills, and experience during the CIC events. The information and resources below will help you to be prepared for the day:

Elevator Pitch

Developing your Elevator Pitch (or Professional Self-Introduction) is useful in introducing yourself at career fairs, networking opportunities, and even in the “tell me about yourself” question of an interview. The term “Elevator Pitch” came from the concept of selling yourself, or your business, to a complete stranger from the time it would take to enter an elevator until you reach your desired floor.  Check out the CIC Elevator Pitch Tip Sheet to help create and deliver an effective elevator pitch.


You may have been preselected for a same day interview at the CIC event.  Additionally, the day of the event, you could be added onto an interview schedule by an employer.   Either way, it’s important that you prepare for the possibility of an interview.  The CIC Interview Tip Sheet can help you prepare by providing sample interview questions, identifying a framework to answer questions, as well as providing general tips to ensure a successful interview.

Professional Attire

In any professional situation, you want to ensure that you dress appropriately for your audience. Formal attire is expected for all interviews; this includes a suit for both women and men.  Additionally, make sure to bring extra copies of your most updated resume in a portfolio or nice folder. Please consult with your school’s Career Center if you have further questions.

Not sure if you’re ready for the CIC Event?  Check out the CIC Career Fair Checklist to make sure you prepared.


Schedule for the Day

It’s important to give yourself enough time to get to the event.  Public transportation is available in New York City.  Visit the locations page for directions and other transportation information.

Morning Career Fair


Talk with employers about both internship and full-time positions they have available.   Employers will be collecting resumes and, if they desire, adding students to afternoon interview schedules.



Apply by December 7th for pre-selected interviews, and be notified of acceptances in December. Employers are also able to add “same day” interviews during the Career Fair, so be sure to check in with them the day of the event, as many will have openings in their schedule and be eager to fill their time with interested candidates.