About the Career and Internship Connections

The Career and Internship Connections were founded on the idea of “bringing the students to the employer.” They take place each year over winter break, when students are either home or able to travel more freely. Our member schools value the ability to connect their students with employers in top destination cities, from which employers may not travel to campus. Students who desire to work or intern in NYC, DC, or Boston benefit from the ability to meet face to face with employers in these cities, an opportunity they might not otherwise have access to.


1999 – First CIC event takes place in NYC
2001 – Washington DC and Boston events added
2004 – Chicago CIC added (runs through 2009 before being retired)
2007 – West Coast CIC begins in San Francisco
2009 – West Coast CIC moves to Los Angeles (runs through 2016 before being retired)

How the Events Run

Registration and Interview Application

Employers register for the CIC events in October and November, and submit job descriptions. Students have the opportunity to register online and submit resumes in advance of an early December deadline to be considered for  interviews. There are over 5000 student applications each year.

Day of the Events

The CIC events combine a morning career fair with scheduled afternoon interviews. Interviews can be selected via the process above, but add-on interviews are also encouraged. 20-40 additional interviews are scheduled at each event on average. We encourage students to talk with employers during the morning career fair, inquire about interview availability for the afternoon, and follow up after the event.

Event Attendance and Interviews

The New York CIC, having the longest history and employer base, annually draws over 750 students and an average of 95 employers. Boston and DC annually average 200-300 students each, with an average of 60-70 employers. Each year, more that 250 employers conduct nearly 1000 interviews across all three cities. There is no quota system in place, and employers may select any students they are interested in for interviews.